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Why powder over pills/capsules?

Why powder over pills/capsules?

Hi Colla-Genie Family,

The question I get asked so often is: Why a collagen powder over pills/capsules?

The daily recommended dosage for a collagen supplement is 10grams. A single pill/capsule can only contain 2grams. It would therefore mean that 10 capsules per day at 2g per capsule would be necessary to reach the recommended daily dosage which is simply too much to expect from consumers in terms of product compliance.

This is why a powder is the obvious choice and why Colla-Genie recommends taking the daily dosage in any beverage because it dissolves easily and is therefore much easier to consume this way. Capsules also have a hard-outer covering which encapsulate the Collagen and by the time the body has fought to digest the covering, the collagen is not absorbed in the most efficient way.

On a side note, a lot of the time, Skincare products such as creams/serums are recommended as they contain collagen- Unfortunately, most molecular sizes of Collagen are unable to penetrate the skin; therefore, the powder alleviates this problem as well.

Your ‘Genie’
Donna Leigh Kedar