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Why Colla-Genie for the win?

The question is Why Colla-Genie? This is a valid question and I am happy to share all the reasons. The excellence of our product lies both in what it does and doesn’t contain as well as many other factors.

The majority of collagen supplements on the market contain some form of beef (bovine), pork (porcine) or chicken derived collagen. Colla-Genie’s one and only ingredient is premium hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides from wild fish skins. Because Colla-Genie utilizes marine collagen from fish, it is most compatible with human tissue. Not only that, but Colla-Genie utilizes Fish collagen peptides which has a very low molecular weight, making it more bioavailable.

Colla-Genie is suitable for those who are pescatarians.

Generally, most collagen products contain artificial additives, binders such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide, as well as potentially dangerous ingredients. The problem is that many collagens have tried to add in as many other ingredients as possible such as, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid etc and this unfortunately interrupts with the absorption and digestion process of collagen due to the molecular size of all these other ingredients. Colla-Genie believes in pure being BEST.

Founder and CEO, Donna Leigh Kedar ensures that the best ingredient is being used to provide the results we are all looking for and deserve to get. That being said only Fish Collagen Peptides are present in your gorgeous aqua Colla-Genie in a jar.

Colla-Genie is:


Colla-Genie in a jar prides itself in exceeding all market standards in its production, performance and results.

Your ‘Genie’
Donna Leigh Kedar