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When will I see results? (in other words-when will my wishes be fulfilled)

When will I see results? (in other words-when will my wishes be fulfilled)

This is always the ‘million dollar’ question.

We as humans want instant gratification. Unfortunately- our ‘Genie’ cannot fulfill wishes that quickly.

We can however say that more than 3 wishes will be fulfilled….

Each individual is different- not only with results from Colla-Genie but with any product or treatment, one can never guarantee a time frame for results.

So many factors will influence results.

What is important for everyone though is that CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Remember that Colla-Genie will be working from the inside out- therefore you might not see results on the outside immediately but changes will already be occurring on the inside for example your skin hydration levels, fibroblast activity and so much more.

You might use Colla-Genie for a month and see / feel visible results and your friend/cousin/aunt/uncle/mother/father/brother might only see results after 3 months.

Depending on the condition you are looking to get results for will also alter the time frame.

However when dealing with long-term problems like back issues, knee issues, some joint issues, we need patience. Be prepared to commit to at least 3-6 months of daily Colla-Genie at the correct dose.

For more difficult issues like injury, anxiety, lack of focus, autoimmune diseases and behavioral issues, we recommend taking Colla-Genie twice a day to boost results in the beginning.

Your ‘Genie’
Donna Leigh Kedar