Immunity And Collagen

Hello Colla-Genie family,

Let’s talk Collagen and immunity

Everyone should be aiming to have a strong immune system especially during the crazy times we are currently living in.

Individuals with autoimmune disorders should most definitely be concerned about immunity.

So- where does Colla-Genie come into the picture for immunity?

There is an important role for amino acids in immune responses by regulating:

  • the activation of T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, natural killer cells and macrophages;
  • cellular balance, gene expression and lymphocyte proliferation; and
  • the production of antibodies

Increasing evidence shows that dietary supplementation of specific amino acids to humans with malnutrition and infectious disease enhances the immune status, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality.

Arginine and glutamine precursors are the best prototypes.

Your body may be unable to produce sufficient or appropriate immune cells without enough lysine.

Marine collagen peptides have also been shown to have anti-viral properties.

You guessed it…
Colla-Genie contains Lysine, Arginine and Glutamic acid amongst many other essential amino acids.

Keep your immunity strong with Colla-Genie.

Don’t forget to take your daily dose of Collagen to get all the benefits!

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Donna Leigh Kedar