To get the full benefits of Colla-Genie we recommend taking one (1) scoop (10 grams) once a day. For those treating injuries or illness, we recommend taking two (2) scoops twice a day. Consistency and adhering to the recommendations will ensure that the products work with optimum results for you.
The daily recommended dosage is 10 grams therefore it would mean that 5 capsules per day at 2g per capsule would be necessary which is simply too much to expect from consumers in terms of product compliance which is why we recommend taking the daily dosage in any beverage because it dissolves easily and is therefore much easier to consume this way. Capsules also have a hard-outer covering which encapsulate the Collagen and by the time the body has fought to digest the covering, the collagen is not absorbed in the most efficient way. Most Molecular sizes of Collagen are unable to penetrate the skin; therefore, the powder alleviates this problem.
No.Colla-Genie can be taken with or without food. It can be mixed into any liquid or food, hot or cold. Our Genie’s preference is a hot beverage, as this does assist in dissolving the powder.
The serving size is one (1) scoop (10 grams).
The jar contains 300 grams (approximately 30 servings – One (1) month supply).
Colla-Genie has a strict NO TESTING ON ANIMALS policy.
NO, Collagen is made from connective tissue, cartilage or skin which comes from animal sources only. Collagen is not found in plants. When a product states that it is a ‘Vegan collagen’- it will only be ingredients that are enhancing production of your existing collagen in your body rather than adding collagen into the body as a supplement.
We recommend taking your Colla-Genie in the evening before going to bed as the body regenerates as well as repairs while we sleep. If the evening is not a convenient time, then the morning is acceptable. If you do have difficulty in sleeping, then the evening would definitely be most suitable, as this will enhance the quality of your sleep.

It is important to first check with your own health care provider regarding your specific needs while pregnant and breastfeeding, regardless of our recommendation.

Collagen is very beneficial during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it is a natural protein that is already found in your body and synthesized by the body. It can help to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy plus getting enough collagen while pregnant is critical because it contains essential proteins that promote optimal health for a growing baby.

In the Paleo diet, Collagen is considered an important food product. Apparently our ancestors ate far more collagen than people do today. They even ate the skin, cartilage and bones of animals more often than people do today.