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Does dissolving collagen in hot liquids destroy it?

Does dissolving collagen in hot liquids destroy it?

One of the concerns that many have is whether the collagen is being destroyed in any way when dissolved in hot liquids.

The short answer is NO.

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Hydrolysed Collagen is the same protein as bone broth which was a staple food until modern times.  Your great grandmother may have boiled bones for most of a day to make the bone broth.  It is the heating of the collagen in the bones that causes the protein to form smaller and smaller chains to the point that it becomes water soluble in the broth.  The boiling for 20 hours does not destroy the protein, it makes it digestible.

You would have to heat it to the point that it smokes and turns black before the nutritional benefit is lost.

Hydrolysed Collagen is a form of collagen protein that has been reduced in size to about a 50 amino acid chain.  Hydrolysed collagen is then broken down into Gelatine and Gelatine is then further broken down into peptides. Collagen peptides consist of 3 amino acid chains which allows for the best absorption and digestion. is The collagen raw material is many times that size such that if you tried to eat the collagen raw material it cannot be significantly digested.  That is why it is necessary to bring the molecular weight of collagen to a level that allows for easy digestion.

When you put the Fish collagen peptides in your hot liquid the nutrition is still intact.  After you drink the beverage, the stomach acid and enzymes break down the protein chain even further and due to the fact that Colla-Genie utilizes Collagen peptides and not just Hydrolysed collagen, the body does not have to work as hard to digest.  At this point the amino acids can pass through the intestinal lining to the bloodstream so that it can be used where needed.

So in conclusion- enjoy your Colla-Genie in a hot beverage

Your ‘Genie’
Donna Leigh Kedar