Do you know how many types of Collagen are in your Collagen supplement?

Do you know how many types of Collagen are in your Collagen supplement?

Hello Colla-Genie family,Let’s talk Collagen types.

Lately, I have heard a lot about ‘taking different kinds of collagen supplements to get different types of collagen into the body’.

I don’t know about you BUT I certainly don’t have time to take different kinds of collagen supplements every day and for that matter, I don’t have the budget either!

There are 28 different types of Collagen in the body and the 4 main types are: Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV.

Where is each type of collagen found?

Type I– skin, tendons, blood vessel walls, organs, bone(main component of the organic part of the bone)- secreted by fibroblasts.

Type II– cartilage- synthesized by the chondrocyte cells.Type III– reticulate, commonly found alongside type I- secreted by reticular cells. This is the collagen of granulation tissue and is also produced by fibroblasts before the type I collagen is synthesized. Reticular fiber is also found in the skin, intestines, artery walls, uterus and liver.

Type IV– major component of the basement membrane, which is the specialized sheet-like extracellular matrix of multicellular tissues that exists around certain cell types(eg. Skeletal muscle cells, smooth muscle cells, heart muscle cells and adipocytes).

Have you checked which types of Collagen your Collagen Supplement contains?

So- are you looking for the easiest way to get all 4 types of collagen?

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