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Colla-Genie beats the winter blues!

Colla-Genie beats the winter blues!

Hello Colla-Genie family,

Let’s talk Collagen and Winter!

We are all familiar with our skin being more dry and dehydrated in winter and even maybe flaking a little.

Yes Winter does take a toll on our skin!

So, what should you do to beat this?

Firstly, even though it is cold, drink more water- if you want to do hot water with lemon in that is a great option too.

Secondly, you can also change your moisturiser for the winter months- invest in a slightly richer one than the usual one you use in summer which should be a lighter consistency.

Thirdly, increase your exfoliation from 2 times a week to 3 times a week so you can boost that dead skin removal.

Last but not least- you can double your collagen dose (if you are not able to do this every day, do it at least every third day).

What is the link with Colla-genie and skin hydration?

Colla-genie contains 740mg of Hydroxyproline (per 10g)- which is an important amino acid that has been scientifically proven to increase skin hydration levels.

Oh and remember Collagen also supports the immune system.

I am a skincare therapist(aesthetician if you want the fancy word)- if you would like a complimentary online skin consultation and advice on your skin- pop me a whatsapp on 078 803 0365.

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Your ‘Genie’
Donna Leigh Kedar