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Why Colla-genie?

The excellence of our product lies both in what it does and doesn’t contain, as well as many other factors.

Colla-Genie believes in pure being BEST- therefore only Premium Fish Collagen Peptides are present and no other ingredients such as Vitamins, hyaluronic acid etc as that would interrupt with the absorption and digestion process of collagen due to the molecular size of such ingredients.

Colla-Genie in a jar prides itself in exceeding all market standards in its production, performance and results.

The majority of collagen supplements on the market contain some form of beef (bovine), pork (porcine) or chicken derived collagen. Colla-Genie’s one and only ingredient is premium hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides from wild fish skins. Because Colla-Genie utilizes marine collagen from fish, it is most compatible with human tissue. Not only that, but Colla-Genie utilizes Fish collagen peptides which has a very low molecular weight, making it more bioavailable.

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• Hydration • Elasticity • Stretchmarks • Anti-Aging • Wrinkles • Health of Skin

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Internal and external factors can affect our skin. Internal factors which are genetics unfortunately cannot be controlled by us but the external factors can be and those include: sun exposure (UV damage), poor diet, stress, environmental pollution, alcohol and smoking. From the age of 25, our skin’s collagen production decreases. As we age, our skin gradually loses structural components that are key, over and above collagen, this includes, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and elastin is broken down and this results in the loss of the skin’s support structure and then the skin will gradually lose smoothness, fullness and elasticity and this then causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear and causes the skin to become drier, less radiant and could result in healing taking longer, due to the slower cellular renewal


• Growth • Hydration • Strength

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Our nails are made of connective tissue which contains Collagen. Collagen may increase the strength of your nails by preventing brittleness. Additionally, it may stimulate your nails to grow longer and provide hydration. If you are a regular acrylic/ gel polish user, Collagen will correct nail damage.

Gut Heath

• Inflammation reduction • Repair • Support • Boost

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COLLAGEN COULD PREVENT INTESTINAL INFLAMMATION: Intestinal inflammation could possibly be prevented by all the complex amino acids contained in Collagen, which also helps to repair (the main amino acid for this is Glycine) COLLAGEN MAY REPAIR THE STOMACH AND INTESTINAL LINING: Tissue bodies can be fortified and healed by Amino Acids like Glycine and Proline. Collagen comprises of these two Amino Acids. Leaky Gut syndrome becomes easier to manage if the body can heal the damage in the intestine (tight junctions). COLLAGEN PROVIDES STRUCTURE AND SUPPORT TO THE GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM: Support, structure, and regulation of the production of body tissues essentially requires Collagen as a supplement. Included are organs in our digestive system which are affected by leaky gut. Other organs are required to take up some of any extra stress that we put on our bodies if the intestines may become compromised. COLLAGEN CAN BOOST AMINO ACID PRODUCTION: The Collagen protein’s impressive amino acid profile is made up of 18 different types. Our digestive system will be much healthier when more amino-acids are introduced into the bodies and the healthier our bodies are, the better our bodies begin to work. COLLAGEN CAN IMPROVE NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: Food contents move through our GI Tract more smoothly and at a quicker rate due to the movement through our GI Tract and as a result of holding water which eventually results in more effective digestion and less particles leaking into the bloodstream.

Bones & Joints

• Increased function • Strength • Density

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Bones get weaker and this will gradually cause them to be more fragile and become breakable, due to the collagen levels and the content of minerals that decrease. Bones give the body structure and support, enable movement, and give protection to vital organs. They store calcium that can be released into the bloodstream when the body needs it. Most of the body’s blood cells are produced within the soft center of the bone. The whole bone is supported by a matrix of a gelatinous protein called type 1 collagen in combination with other organic substances. This is known as the osteoid. Bones are formed when the osteoid binds with calcium phosphate, which sets into a hard substance. When the bones are fully formed they go through a continuous process of replenishment. Essentially the body cleans away the old cells and creates new ones to maintain the mass of the bones. If these processes become compromised in any way, it could make a person more susceptible to fractures and other uncomfortable bone conditions. With aging, it is harder for us to stay active, as there is wear and tear on the joint cartilage which reduces well-functioning and this will also cause joint discomfort. Bones and joints are made up of 70-90% Collagen

Health & Vitality

• Immunity • Detoxification • Sleep • Focus • Energy • Anxiety • Recovery • Hormonal balance

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Collagen contains many amino acids. Glycine is extremely helpful in assisting with better sleep as well as providing higher energy levels and less anxiety in conjunction with a better night’s sleep. Essential amino acids are those that the body cannot synthesize and must be supplied through diet. These essential amino acids are precursors to neurotransmitters and aid in digestion, regulate the body’s metabolic processes, help to make hormones and antibodies which are needed for the immune system, and they help to transport oxygen throughout the body. • Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine are all essential amino acids. The unique combination of amino acids found in collagen help to fight inflammation and to repair which in turn provides faster muscle recovery.


• Condition improvement • Strength • Vibrance • Volume • Growth

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Stress has a major impact on our overall well-being and our hair health, and in our current situation, there is . no doubt that stress levels are elevated for many people for a variety of reasons. The hair is very sensitive to many things including stress, emotional issues, particularly bereavement, dietary changes, illness and operations. The growth cycle can become disrupted and hair can start to shed prematurely, re-grow and shed again. This hair loss is due to a condition called Telogen Effluvium, it is very common but fortunately, it has a very successful treatment rate. Sustained levels of stress can cause the hair follicles to move from the growing phase to the resting phase, 2 – 3 months later this is often seen as a very noticeable increase in hair falling out, causing the appearance of hair thinning, and a loss in overall hair density. It is a frightening condition as most people think that they are about to lose all of their hair – this isn’t the case, the hair is shedding and re-growing, it isn’t all staying in the growing phase for long enough which leads to the thinning hair and loss of density. Hormonal changes can also affect hair, especially Post partum.

Halal Certified

Kosher Certified

GMO Free

Paleo Friendly

What type of collagen is used in Colla-Genie?

Colla-genie proudly contains types I, II, III and IV collagen. Due to the size of the molecule in our pure marine collagen peptides which are made from wild fish skins, every part of the body is supported. These collagen molecules are significantly smaller than in the other Collagen supplements, thus the body can use them faster and more efficiently.

Fish Collagen Peptides is used in Colla-Genie in the place of the hydrolyzed Collagen and this then ensures optimum bioavailability, digestion and absorption.

Keto Friendly

Gluten Free


About Us

DONNA LEIGH KEDAR is passionate about providing high quality Collagen at affordable pricing.

From my years of experience in the beauty, spa and medical aesthetic industry, I was frustrated with the lack of education and knowledge on Collagen supplements as well as the lack of quality, affordable products on the market.

With that being said, it was now time for me to research and secure the purest and highest quality Collagen at an affordable price- thus Colla-Genie was born.

Fish Collagen Peptides

Type I, II, III, IV Collagen

Suitable for Diabetics

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What People Say

Priya VallabhPriya Vallabh
06:31 24 Nov 21
I have seen great results with the Colla-Genie. My hair fall is much less, my nails have been growing really fast and my skin feels great! It also seems to be helping my sleep better. I generally add it to tea or hot chocolate.The service from Donna has been exceptional!
Amanda KleinAmanda Klein
16:03 14 Nov 21
Exceptional product- it has hugely improved the quality and quantity of my hair! And service is outstanding. I highly recommend
Chava AlterChava Alter
14:24 14 Nov 21
I absolutely love this product. It’s helped my hair and nails grown and overall I just feel more energetic. The best part about collagenie though is actually the service. Donna took me through all the education around collagen at that makes all the difference! Thanks Collagenie!
Shelee BlochShelee Bloch
12:09 14 Nov 21
Not only have I received outstanding service from Colla-Genie, but I won’t miss a single daily dose! My skin, nails and hair are so improved! Simply loving life ❤️
Marisca NiceMarisca Nice
20:45 02 Nov 21
I've been using Collagen for the first time ever. And the change was almost immediate.My skin felt so much more softer , and my hair as well. So super excited for this journey forward and to see even more changes in my physical health!Inlovvveee with Colla-genie Collagen !

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